Platinum Paving

Commercial Paving Service

play btnPlatinum Paving is a service expert in providing asphalt paving and pavement for large and small commercial projects. Serving the state of California we are licensed certified with experience in the preparation and application of asphalt pavement. Industrial solutions for parking, access roads and entranceways are our specialties.

Resurfacing Pavement Repair

play btnPlatinum Paving offers service and repair for commercial and residential pavement projects. Platinum Paving has a wide range of services to help you evaluate and repair your existing paved surface. For commercial or large asphalt removing projects, we can apply Asphalt Milling (Cold Planing).

Agricultural Paving

play btnPlatinum Paving provides the best service in Asphalt paving, Pavement and Tar and Chip paving for industrial farms and agricultural businesses. Our experience is second to none in providing customer's paving needs for access roads, farm lanes, and property driveways.

Seal Coating

play btnPlatinum Paving provides high-quality Seal Coat service to protect and secure your asphalt pavement project investment. Asphalt pavement can become worn over time with constant use. Weather, friction, gasoline and vehicle motor oil deposits can take their toll on the best of surfaces.