Platinum Paving

Residential Pavement Services

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Platinum Paving offers a full range of residential paving services. Our experience in customer satisfaction since 1990 has helped to establish loyal clients in our community. We offer the same great services to all new residential clients as well. We specialize in Asphalt paving as well as Tar and Chip paving. Both are great solutions for private driveways and access roads for your property.

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We are also available for repair work. Should you need complete resurfacing with asphalt removal or simply require asphalt patching we are here to service all your paving needs.
  • Driveway Lane Access Road Paving
  • Subdivision Pavement
  • Neighborhood Parking Areas
  • Maintenance Patching and Seal Coating
  • Removal Resurfacing and Asphalt Milling
  • Easement Service Access Paving

Platinum Paving is the best choice for quality paving and customer service. We understand the importance of your projects. We provide the best service when it comes to paving and asphalt placement. Our trained experienced service professionals will provide you with a free estimate specific to your needs. Call or contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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Complete Paving Service Santa Clara, Fresno, Kern & Stanislaus County. Our service area includes all Mid & Southern California.