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Athletic Surfacing

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Platinum Paving is a recognized paving specialist for commercial and residential athletic surfaces. Athletic courts and tracks both public and private require special precision and expertise. Quality surfacing can provide a long-lasting high-quality surface. Our trained and experienced professionals are experienced pavers. Our asphalt paving experience and seal coat process provide long-lasting tennis courts and running tracks.

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In addition To Our quality installation and pavement application, we provide service and maintenance. Should your pre-existing court or track require resurfacing we are ready to help. 

  • Tennis Court Installation
  • Basketball Running Track Paving
  • Athletic Service Repair
  • Resurfacing and Seal Coating
  • Area Maintenance and Patching

Private homeowners and subdivision property management companies requests are welcome. Platinum Paving will provide you with a free estimate and quote for a high-quality athletic surface that meets your needs and requirements. Our service staff is trained and experienced tennis court and athletic track pavers. Call or contact us today to schedule a no-obligation appointment. We're here to help you with all of your paving needs.

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